Optimizing Iron Ore Agglomeration Plant Performance - Outotec's Solutions for Plant Monitoring and Sustainable Operation

The decline in iron ore grades and the need to diversify the raw material basis for economical plant operation are increasing the need to operate plants at maximum efficiency. Outotec provides reliable solutions to monitor plant performance and increase the transparency of operations. This is particularly important when adjusting plant operation in order to address the impact of changing feed materials. 

Outotec identified strong fluctuations in the consumption of oil, gas, and electricity during the operation of some iron ore pellet plants. The reason for these fluctuations, which can lead to increased overall operating costs, can at least partly be explained by the plant operator’s performance. Outotec has combined its process know-how and experience in plant design with experimental test work in its own R&D centers to develop advisory tools that help customers to run their plants more efficiently. Outotec’s latest development, Outotec Optimus, provides guidance for pellet plant operators that reduces the time needed to make the required adjustments in case of changing process parameters.

The initial results indicate a high potential for significant fuel and electrical energy savings in the operation of such plants. Considering the production rates of modern pelletizing plants, this is a huge step toward more sustainable production of iron ore pellets. With the Outotec Optimus tool it is much easier for operators to run the plant at the optimal operating point. Clear and understandable graphical displays indicate the optimal plant operation mode based on real-time measurements.

Furthermore, the modeling, simulation, and monitoring capabilities can be used to improve the operation and maintenance support that Outotec provides to its customers. Outotec has recently been awarded contracts for the operation and maintenance of ferrous agglomeration plants and is the preferred partner for numerous operators worldwide. Outotec’s solutions range from advisory services and optimal spare part management to full operation and maintenance support.

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